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I Don’t Miss You Darling

Darling I am waiting for you since 1 year,

to meat you ,

to talk with you


rock with you for a whole life…

I will be waiting  for you, forever !

Is it Possible? to meet me!

If Not ! no Problem…

Your are my Dream, In my Breath and what so….

I don’t miss you Darling.

I Don’t Miss You Darling

I Don’t Miss You Darling


Dream Love


I know I am in love


I am finding it difficult to fall asleep nowadays.

This is because after having you around me


I find that reality is better than dreams.

Dream Love

Dream Love

Dream about Darling


In My Dream You are Mine


In My Life You are a Dream

—   I Love You Darling..!

Dream about Darling

Dream about Darling

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