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Thinking Of You

Some where there’s some-one
Who dreams of your smile
And finds in your presence
That life is worth while
So when you are lonely
Remember this is true
I am thinking of you! It’s Make me Happy.

Thinking of You

Thinking of You

—  I Love My Darling


100% I Love My Darling…

91% Hai,
92% Hello,

93% Where r u ,
94% How are You,

95% I Hope u r Fine,
96% Keep Smiling,

97% Teak Care,
98% God Bless You,

99% Be Happy,

100% You Are My DarlinG

100% You are My Darling...

100% You are My Darling...

I Hope u Darling…

The Grand essentials of happiness are

Something to do, something to love

And something to hope for u Darling…

I Hope You My Darling...

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